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Should I Rent to College Students?

By William Bronchick & Frank Pulley Whether you are a new or experienced investor there may be times that considering renting to college students might enhance the profitability of your rental. A single-family home with several bedrooms can sometimes yield 30 to 40% more in rental income than the same home with yield as a […]

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Rental Scams

By Frank Pulley & William Bronchick There are a lot of scams and phishing schemes going on in this technological world today. Technology is great and helps in our everyday lives; both business and personal. The problem is that problems that didn’t exist a few years ago exist now as a result of all this […]

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How to Legally and Safely Remove Squatters from your Property

You would think that somebody that trespasses onto one of your investment properties is violating the law big-time. Trespassing is illegal, but if a trespasser continues to live there, they may be considered a squatter. Removing squatters from your property can be a time-consuming, potentially expensive, complicated and energy-sucking endeavor! Although we are all about […]

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Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers

Marketing to find motivated sellers is the lifeblood of your business. Marketing can be compared to oxygen to the human body-it’s essential for your body’s life, and marketing is essential for the life of your business. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, without marketing in one shape or form, you will have no […]

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Invest in Deals, Not Markets

Too many novice investors try to time the market and ride the waves of market appreciation. Certainly buying and selling at the perfect time (when the market peaks, for example) is the easiest and most lucrative way to invest in real estate. It’s also the riskiest because few people have enough foresight to figure out […]

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What to Look for When Buying Rental Properties

Be careful when buying rental property. We stayed at a motel for a week one winter when our kitchen was being redone. The bill showed twice what it should have, but since I already paid the correct amount in cash, I thought nothing of it. When we noticed that the lobby and swimming pool were […]

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