Learning to Invest in  
Small Apartments Workshop

A Primer on Evaluating, Buying & Managing 5-25 Unit Buildings
Recorded on Saturday January 18th
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Sponsored by the Colorado Landlords Association

  • In this exclusive workshop, you'll learn how to find and identify profitable deals that generate cash flow
  • You will learn how to evaluate profitability, the best neighborhoods, growth opportunities & financing
  • Reach your retirement goals faster and easier with multifamily properties without headaches or risk

Hi, I'm Bill Bronchick, President of the Colorado Landlords Association, Sponsor of this Exciting New Workshop!

Retire Early and More Prosperously

If you are reading this you probably already know that rental properties are a great path to retirement security. But buying houses one at a time can take a looooooong time to generate enough cash flow to retire. That's why you should attend the Investing in Small Apartments Workshop and learn how to leap-frog your way to an early and prosperous retirement!

Why NOW is the Time to BUY!

Because of the lack of affordable housing, the demand for apartments has skyrocketed. The millions of families who have lost their homes in the last bust have to live somewhere. Those unable to move in with relatives are forced to live in multifamily units.

What about you? You don’t just need to think ten years ahead when you might be on a better footing financially. You need to do something now. You need something that can help you weather the storm now as well as in the future. In short, what you need is a cash cow. The fastest way to accomplish that is to invest in apartments. I promise.

The amazing thing is… A FEW SMALL APARTMENT BUILDINGS CAN SET YOU UP FOR LIFE! Hard to believe, but true. A handful of small apartment buildings can literally set you up financially for life. You can have monthly cash flow in the four and five figure range. I will show you how. 

In Just One Afternoon, You'll Become an Expert in Evaluating Multifamily Units

Most small landlords shy away from apartments for many reasons. We'll help you overcome those limitations, such as:

  • Lack of Experience. In this exclusive workshop, you'll learn the "quick and dirty" formulas for evaluating any small apartment deal on the back of a napkin or a simple phone calculator (no financial calculator required!).
  • Lack of Funds. You will learn how to buy small apartments with little or none of your own money
  • Lack of Time. You don't need to manage your own buildings - learn how to pick a property manager that will go a GREAT job and won't rip you off!
  • Lack of Good Deals. You will learn where to find great deals, and even how to buy apartments in other cities!

 Learn from the Best - Attorney Bill Bronchick

I have been investing in small apartments for over 15 years and have owned everything from duplexes to 200 unit buildings. I've also help scores of clients evaluate, negotiate, finance, and close thousands of units! I've had many successes, but also, admittedly, a few failures. Learn from my experience, both good and bad, so you know what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do when evaluating and buying small apartment buildings!

Beware of  False Prophets (Profits)

Most real estate agents wouldn't know a good apartment deal if it bit them in the backside! They know how to LIST and sell, but they haven't a clue WHY a deal is good or bad, and they often "puff" the figures or ignorantly (or deliberately) omit key information.

At the Investing in Small Apartments Workshop, you will learn EXACTLY how to evaluate any seller's or real estate broker's story and read between the lines.

Here's EXACTLY What You Will Learn

  • Where to Find Great Deals 
    Thats the key, right? Learning where and how to find great apartment deals is one of the most important ingredients to your success. Great deals won't fall into your lap, you need to know where to find them, and how to shake the trees so these deals come out of hiding.
  • How to Evaluate a Deal Quickly and Easily
    You don't need a PhD in mathematics to quickly and easily determine whether a small apartment deal is worth pursuing. You will learn three simple formulas you can figure out on a regular calculator or a sheet of paper (not a complicated financial calculator, which I don't know how to use either!).
  • Show me the Money!
    You will learn how to finance small apartments without large down payments, without banks, and often without any of your own money!
  • Doing Your Due Diligence
    Learn a checklist of over a dozen items you MUST check out between contract and closing to make sure your aren't missing anything.
  • Management and Exit Strategies
    Who's going to deal with tenants, toilets, and other headaches? Not you! You will learn how to hire competent management to deal with the day to day responsibilities of landlording. And, you will learn how to decide when to get out and sell or trade for something else.

It Takes Experience to Get Good at Something

In this book, "Outliers", Malcom Gladwell reveals the truth about experience. He says that it takes 10,000 hours to get REALLY good at something, whether it be a business strategy or a trade or profession. If you spend 10 hours a week, that'll take you about 20 years to master something.  The good news is that you don't have to do that by trial and error like I did, you can learn from MY experience and shorten the learning curve.

You will learn it all in one afternoon at my workshop,

Investing in Small Apartments

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