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Governor Polis Extends 30 Day Notice & Extends to Commercial Properties

EXECUTIVE ORDER D 2020 223 extends the requirement of a 30-day notice (versus 10 days) for non-payment of rent prior to filing a FED eviction proceeding until 11/14/20 (however, the CDC Order still prohibits most non-payment evictions until 12/31).  You cannot charge late fees without exception until January 2021. The 30-day notice requirement extends to commercial […]

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Landlord Tenant Laws and Tenants’ Rights in Colorado

By William Bronchick, Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Mentor If you are in Real Estate investing, you will find that Tenant rights in Colorado are not too strong, as Colorado is a fairly low-regulated state when it comes to landlords and tenant’s rules, particularly single-family homes.  This may change as vacancy drops to new […]

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Criminal Background Checks on Tenants

The city of Oakland, California has now put a ban on criminal background checks for tenants. The city council cited part of their rationale by pointing out that the criminal justice system is inherently biased against people of color, and thus screening people for criminal backgrounds discriminates against them. This new law could put landlords […]

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