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7 Ways to Find Real Estate Deals

Marketing is the key to success in real estate, you’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again.  All of the techniques you learn are academic until you find some motivated sellers.  Here are 7 ways to find real estate deals that are not the usual MLS listing, auctions, etc. 1. Mailers.   Mailing letters, […]

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7 Tips for Using Marketing Lists

As a real estate investor, whether you are flipping or trying to buy a decent rental, there are many, many ways with which to market. For newer investors who at first depend pretty much on 100% on their marketing efforts in order to procure leads, it can be a bit confusing and intimidating, to say […]

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By Matt Willis of Showdigs.com With self-showing technology, a mobile app provides key-less entry into a rental property. While it seems convenient, there are things to consider before trying. It is not secure for either party ‍When prospects let themselves into a property, they’re unattended, which means you don’t know who is visiting your home […]

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Real Estate Rentals – Selling For More

Selling real estate rentals isn’t like selling houses. You can paint a house, and get a little more because it looks nice. Rental properties, especially larger ones, are different because they’re bought by investors, who look at income more than new paint. Raise the income, and you increase value to investors. Time to learn about […]

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How to Market Your Rental Property in Any Kind of Market

Whether it is a hot rental market or not, marketing your rental properly and doing it aggressively will likely result in more and higher quality potential tenants and could result in higher rental prices. Most landlords just stick up a “For Rent” sign and hope for the best. Some of us might actually put it […]

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Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers

Marketing to find motivated sellers is the lifeblood of your business. Marketing can be compared to oxygen to the human body-it’s essential for your body’s life, and marketing is essential for the life of your business. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, without marketing in one shape or form, you will have no […]

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