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emotional support dog colorado housing

Emotional Support Dogs and Colorado Housing Law

While the terms “service dog” and “emotional support animal” are often used interchangeably, these types of animals have very distinct roles and qualifications. Service dogs are trained to perform quantifiable tasks that directly ease the challenges associated with their owner’s physical, psychiatric, sensory, and/or developmental disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the rights […]

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Denver Proposes Rental Licensing Registrations

A new ordinance will require landlords to pay a fee and have an annual inspection, as they do in Boulder. While we imagine that nobody will object to a small fee and a routine inspection, this can be a “slippery slope” for the city to gather information on landlords who want to remain anonymous. More […]

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Colorado Proposes Drastic Anti-Landlord Legislation

The Democratic-controlled state House and Senate in Colorado are proposing some DRASTIC anti-landlord policies, including: Extending the non-payment notice from 10 to 14 days (was 3 days until recently) Limiting late fees and rent raises Extending the time of execution for a writ of execution from 2 to 14 days Requiring PERSONAL service on a […]

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Great Podcast on Why You Should Use Property Manager

I came across a great podcast on the topic of why you should use a property manager. Worth a listen! Click to Listen

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Are Self-Directed IRAs the Best Kept Investment Secret?

By William Bronchick, Real Estate Mentor There is any number of reasons why your investment advisor or broker hasn’t talked to you about a self-directed IRA. It could be they are afraid of losing your business, or it could simply be that they aren’t familiar with them. Whatever the reason, you should know all of […]

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Using Facebook as a Real Estate Investor

BY William Bronchick, Real Estate Coach   In Real estate investing, Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, and these days it is one of the single best ways to find deals. Having a website is good, but if you don’t drive any people to it, it’s basically no more than an electronic business […]

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Ever wonder when prospects want to view your properties? At Showdigs, we offer 7-day showing availability so we can give you some insight. With an unrestricted calendar, we have visibility into what times are most popular among prospects. Here’s a good look at the requested tour times for June through September 2019. To help explain, […]

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Governor Polis Extends 30 Day Notice & Extends to Commercial Properties

EXECUTIVE ORDER D 2020 223 extends the requirement of a 30-day notice (versus 10 days) for non-payment of rent prior to filing a FED eviction proceeding until 11/14/20 (however, the CDC Order still prohibits most non-payment evictions until 12/31).  You cannot charge late fees without exception until January 2021. The 30-day notice requirement extends to commercial […]

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By Matt Willis of Showdigs.com Before we get into the specifics on validating your rent, let’s quickly review the prerequisites to success with listing your property. Which sites should I use? In our experience at Showdigs, Zillow and Zumper brought the vast majority of leads in 2019 so having a listing built in each of […]

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Podcast Episode #31: Evaluating Multifamily Real Estate Deals

Evaluating a multifamily real estate deal can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are new to the game. Here are some tips on how to get it done!! Click here for the podcast. 

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